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About Me

Im Alex, I'm originally from a small town called Wendover. Born and raised. That's where the name "Doverboy" came from. 

Out side of the shop, I like being at home with my family. I like to draw. I'm all about the art!
I like to go shoot every once in a while. 

I specialize in black & grey realism. 
I love doing Portraits, animals, mountain scenery and just pretty much anything that's realism. 
I also really love doing "micro tattoos". Whenever I'm not doing a big piece, I like doing smaller realism tattoos. So if your wanting a small tattoo from me, please being me a micro portrait or some kind of DESIGN.

I'm currently booking for 2022. 

If I ever have time in my schedule it would be if someone were to cancel/reschedule. So last minute openings. For scheduling shoot me a DM @doverboyink 
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