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About Me

 I was born in Salt Lake City, UT but grew up in a smaller town in central Utah. Richfield was definitely too small for my personality 🤣

I've been piercing for almost 5 years, and I spend everyday at work just trying to be the best I can. This industry is forever evolving and there is something new to learn every day! I've had the pleasure of learning from so many different people and been able to get better at what I do! 🖤 I love that I enjoy my work and I get to work side by side with my amazing husband!

I really love working on fun ear projects! I love piercing all around but ear projects are my favorite!

I love spending time with my kids, we act like fools and scream Backstreet Boys and Barbie girl with the windows down driving down the street! I love playing video games with my sweet husband even if I suck🤣😭
I also love to cook, and learn new recipes😋🤤 food is definitely a love language!

My favorite food is 🤔 all of it! 🤣 just kidding! But I do love all different kinds of foods and trying new things!

My favorite music ahh that's a really tough question because I literally listen to everything from Backstreet Boys(jamming since I was 8!!) All the way to Rob Zombie and Journey 🤣
DM @lucky.piercer.13 to book!
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