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About Me

My name is Taylor West but I go by The Color Queen which is the nick name my mentor (Toonz) gave me as an apprentice. 

Heres a little more about me.... I was born and raised in Utah and have mostly stayed in utah county throughout my life. I am married and have an adorable 10 month old son. I started tattooing in December of 2018 and completed my apprenticeship learning from one of the owners of the Tattoo shop (Toonz) and followed him and his wife from another shop to the one they opened (The Tattoo Shop). This shop has become like a home and my fellow artists are all like family. Ive heard I have RBF but I’m really pretty chill and will do my best to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

I love the beauty of the mountains and nature here. Ive had many adventures hiking around here, finding caves and natural hot springs. I love history and museums, especially ones with Dinosaurs!!(Dinosaurs are my favorite animal) Im also very interested in true crime and all things horror. 

I specialize in color tattoos of course but i can knock out black and grey if you'd like. My favorite styles are Neotraditional, Traditional, and Watercolor. Although I’d really like to practice more New School and Realism.

Im usually booked out atleast a few weeks. If you are hoping to get in short notice, I am sometimes able to squeeze a small tattoo into my schedule but Ill need to know beforehand. For more information please feel free to DM me @thecolorqu33n 
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